Afk Journey Official Release Date

Afk Journey Release Date

A lot of players are waiting for the Afk Journey release date, but unfortunately, there is no official public date set by game developers. It does not mean that we cannot predict or find some clues about the AFK Journey release date just because we do not have an official release date.

AFK Journey Release Date

After more than a year, developers have finally confirmed the official release date of AFK Journey. The official release date of AFK Journey is March 27, 2024. You can find developer posts on Twitter about release date, and it is also confirmed in Discord. So yes, we are getting AFK Journey soon, so make sure that you prepare yourself with knowledge for the huge release.

AFK Journey – Official Release Date Trailer

We know that a lot of players are impatient and want the game to be released immediately, but it would be better for developers to take their time. There is nothing worse than when developers release an unfinished game that will ruin your beginner experience.

While you are waiting on the official release, we recommend that you get familiar with the game by checking out the AFK Journey beginner guide, AFK Journey tier list, AFK Journey codes, and all the heroes in AFK Journey.

When can I play the AFK Journey beta?

The AFK Journey beta is finished, and you are not able to create new accounts. When the new beta will be released, nobody knows. It is best that you follow the official AFK Journey discord, Facebook, and Twitter because developers will inform players a few days before the AFK Journey beta starts.

AFK Journey Gameplay and What to Expect

AFK Journey Gameplay and What to Expect

The unique mechanic of AFK Journey allows players to mix and match the powers of different heroes, explore the world of Espera, collect loot, do various battle modes and events, etc. If you played AFK Arena, then you will love AFK Journey. It is a much better game, and the design and graphics are stunning. Also, the game is created in such a way that you can play it on mobile phones and PCs. AFK Journey on PC is extremely well optimized, so it is 100% worth downloading it on PC. Overall, we recommend that you be patient and give it a try when it gets its official release. You will enjoy it.

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