Legend Trial Guide and Team AFK Journey

Legend Trial Guide and Team AFK Journey

Legend Trial is one of the battle modes in AFK Journey where players will fight against various enemies in order to get rewards. Legend Trial has the same system as in the AFK Arena Factional Tower. There are 4 different towers and each tower can be challenged by a heroes from same faction.

Legend Trial in AFK Journey

Legend Trial in AFK Journey

Legend Trial is a great battle mode that every player must complete because the rewards are great. Rewards are invitation letters, Essences, and Arcon. What Arcons you will get depends on what towers you are completing. If you are a new player you will struggle to complete all floors because you need to ascend heroes and increase their level.

But again, that does not mean that you should skip the Legend Trial. Even if you complete a few floors it is worth it so you can boost your heroes. Next time, you will be able to do it more easily and push higher floors.

There are 4 different towers in the Legend Trial:

  • Tower of Light: Opens on Monday, Friday, and Sunday. You can use only Lightbearer heroes.
  • Tower of Nature: Open on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can use only Wilder Heroes.
  • Tower of Eternity: Opens on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can only use Graveborn heroes.
  • Tower of Will: Opens on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. You can only use Mauler heroes.

Legend Trial Teams

What heroes in your team you should use is extremely important. Not all heroes are equally good and will perform that well. Currently, there are a small number of heroes in each faction and you will probably not have all of them on max ascend. What you should do and what works best for us is to use one tank, one healer, and 3 DPS.

Tank should go in the front line, healer back line. If DPS is in range, then put him in the back line. If it is melee, then put him next to the tank. If you are a new player, then use the best heroes that you have. Also, make sure that you check out the AFK Journey tier list where you can see the ratings of all heroes and how well they are performing. Not all heroes are great.

If you are struggling with creating a team or if you are stuck then you can check the best performing team inside a game. To check the best-performing team inside a game, you have to go to Legend Trails and the floor where you are stuck. On the floor banner, you will see an extremely small icon next to the level. Click it.

When you click it, a new window will open showing the enemy you are fighting against, and most importantly, it will show the records of other players. When you click on a record, the game will show you records of players similar to your powers who managed to clear that floor.

Team records
Click on small icon
Team records 3
Click on records
Team records
Click on player
Team records
Click on replay

This is great because you can check what team they are using, how they positioned them, what level they are at, and so on. Simply copy their team and positioning and you will be able to clear that floor. We recommend you always do that because you will learn more about the game and how each hero works. Replay icons on mobile phones are extremely small, so we recommend that you download AFK Journey on a PC so you can see the replay icon more easily. Also, on a PC, you will be able to analyze and write players’ teams more easily.

If you are a new player who does not have good heroes at some point you will no longer be able to progress and clear floors, even if you copy other players’ team layouts. The reason for that is that enemies are simply too strong and it is impossible to beat them with your current level and ascend of your heroes.

So you have to be patient, keep playing, leveling, and upgrading, and after some time you will be able to beat all floors. AFK Journey is a game that requires patience. Do not forget to redeem AFK Journey codes that can give you essential items for boosting heroes.

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