AFK Journey Arcane Labyrinth Guide and Team

Arcane Labyrinth Guide and Team

Arcane Labyrinth in AFK Journey is a great game mode that will give you a lot of rewards. There are 20 floors in total that you have to clear and there are 8 different difficulties. In this guide, we will cover everything that you have to know about Arcane Labyrinth in AFK and how to reach max difficulty.

To unlock Arcane Labyrinth in AFK Journey, you have to complete stage 40 which is not that hard. When you unlock Arcane Labyrinth, you will have to start from level 1. There are 8 different difficulty levels but you have to start at level one difficulty if you are a new player. Every player should focus on Arcane Labyrinth because of the rewards. Rewards are incredibly good and they will definitely help you out with your progression.

Arcane Labyrinth Team

Arcane Labyrinth Team

For AFK Journey Arcane Labyrinth, you can choose 5 main heroes and 2 that will backup. If your main hero dies you can replace it with a backup. What is important is that you choose the best heroes that you have available and make a team that works for you. It is impossible to create a team for all players because they all have different characters. It is best that you use the best heroes that you have from the same faction so they can have more synergy.

Your overall team setup should have at least one tank and healing hero so you can keep your team alive. If you are not sure who the best heroes are for Labyrinth, you can check out the AFK Journey tier list. The problem with Arcane Labyrinth is that it is extremely hard when you get to the last few stages because all your heroes must be at the max level and tier.

Until you get to the max stages, you will learn about the game and what teams are best so you will not need our help in creating the best team. Heroes that we recommend are Reinier, Thoran, Dionel, Scarlita, Granny, Dahnie, Rowan, and Odie.

Arcane Labyrinth Relics

Arcane Labyrinth Relics

Every time you clear the stage you will be able to choose one relic. Relic will boost your overall team performance so you can clear more stages. There are a lot of different relics and they are random so we recommend that you read what they are doing. Pick the relics that have the best synergy with your team.

If you upgrade every single relic twice, you will be able to choose passive. They can be epic, legendary, and rare. Usually, they are rare but if you see epic or legendary, make sure that you pick it up. They are much better and will give you more benefits compared to rare passives. If you are not satisfied with the passive that the game gave you, you can refresh it in the top corner using Pure Crystals. You get pure Crystals by completing stages. It is not worth it, it is better to save your pure Crystals and spend them in Fitz’s Store.

Each time you clear stages 5, 10, and 15, you will be able to choose one of the blessings from the List of Blessings. What you will choose depends on what team you are using. So read carefully.

Fitz’s Store

When you get to Fitz’s Store, you will be able to purchase various crystals using pure crystal. Now, what relic you will get again depends on your team synergy and what will give them the most benefits. There is one relic that we use all the time and recommend to other players, and that is Relic Rewards. Relic Rewards is a special relic that will give you additional relics every time you clear the store. It is 100% worth getting it.

Arcane Labyrinth Rewards

Arcane Labyrinth Rewards

There are two different types of rewards for Arcane Labyrinth. The first reward that you will get is when you clear one of the difficulties for the first time. The second reward is when you clear the stages. Each stage will give you points that will unlock your rewards. The higher the difficulty you are playing, the more points you will get, which means more rewards.

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