Viperian Guide AFK Journey

Viperian Guide AFK Journey

Rank: Elite
Faction: Graveborn
Class: Mage
Type: Magic
Range: 5

Viperian Rating

4.7/5 - (15 votes)

Story Tier: A
Dream Realm Tier: C
PVP Tier: A

Viperian is a Graveborn Mage in AFK Journey who specializes in life rituals and is able to deal a lot of ranged damage. Viperian is part of Graveborn Faction. Viperian is a hero that is not for all players. He is dealing a lot of damage, but you need a well-optimized team that will continuously heal him. What he does is constantly apply dots to the enemy team. Those dots will deal great damage. The problem with this is that he will sacrifice his health, which will make him a target for one shot if he is not protected or healed.

He can produce a lot of damage, but I would not advise using him if you are a new player who does not have any idea what you are doing. You really need special team comps and know how to position and counter enemy teams. Do not use him for Dream Realm or against single-target enemies. He needs a group of enemies so he can apply dots and deal AOE damage.

  • Spiritual Viper: Burns HP and sends Darkvipers to possess the enemies, dealing massive damage.
  • Vitality Extract: Drains HP from the healthiest enemy.
  • Enchantment Fang: Launch Tearing Bite periodically to deal damage.
  • Hero Focus: Increases Haste during battle.
  • Crimson Waltz: Burns HP to deal massive damage to all enemies when having a higher HP portion.
  • Enhance Force: Return when the enemies are defeated, recovering HP and Energy for Viperian.

Viperian Exclusive WeaponViperian Exclusive Weapon: Minimum Recommended Upgrade Level +5

Viperian Skills

Spiritual Viper Spiritual Viper

Passive: Viperian burns HP as much as possible when a battle starts, sending Darkvipers to possess all enemies until his HP is below 60. During this, he gains control Immunity while losing 7% max HP for each Darkviper deployd. Every enemy drops 20 Energy Regen on Hit, losing 1% max HP per second to sustain the survivability of the Darkviper on them. Viperian calls a Darkviper back to recover 14% max HP when his HP ratio is below30%. Active: Viperian deals 280% damage to all enemies. He inflicts the nearest enemy with the same effect and Darkviper if no enemy on the battlefield is possessed.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Level 2: Increases damage to 290%. ( Unlocked at Level 51)
  • Level 3: Increases damage to 300%. ( Unlocked at Level 111)
  • Level 4: Increases damage to 310%. (Unlocked at Level 171)
  • Level 5: Increases damage to 320%. (Unlocked at Level 231)

Vitality Extract Vitality Extract

Viperian drains HP from the healthiest enemy, dealing 210% damage and recovering HP that equals the damage dealt. (Unlocked at Level 11)

Upgrade Preview

  • Level 2: Increases damage to 220%. (Unlocked at Level 71)
  • Level 3: Increases damage to 230%. (Unlocked at Level 131)
  • Level 4: Increases damage to 240%. (Unlocked at Level 191)

Enchantment Fang Enchantment Fang

Passive: Darkvipers launch Tearing Bite once every 3s during the battle, dealing 65% damage once to all the possessed enemies. Active: Viperian burns 10% max HP to enhance the next Tearing Bite, dealing 140% damage to the target and reducing their Energy by 60.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Level 2: Increases Common Tearing Bite damage to 75%. (Unlocked at Level 91)
  • Level 3: Increases Enhanced Tearing Bite damage to 150%. (Unlocked at Level 151)
  • Level 4: Reduces the target’s Energy by 100. (Unlocked at Level 211)

Hero Focus Hero Focus

Increases Haste by 12 during battle.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Level 2: Increases Haste by 16 during battle.
  • Level 3: Increases Haste by 20 during battle.

Crimson Waltz Crimson Waltz

Burns 30% max HP after 10s of a battle if the HP ratio is above 90% dealing 420% damage to all enemies. Gains control immunity during the skill casting. Triggered up to once in 30s. (Unlock after Exclusive Equipment is activated)

Upgrade Preview:

  • Level 2: Exclusive Equipment: Increases damage to 450%. (Reach Level 5 to unlock).
  • Level 3: Exclusive Equipment: Darkvipers gain 2 enhancements after the skill is cast. (Reach Level 10 to unlock).
  • Level 4: Exclusive Equipment: Increases damage to 480%. (Reach Level 15 to unlock).

Enhance Force Enhance Force

Darkvipers return when the possessed enemies are defeated, recovering 14% HP and 80 Energy for Viperian.

Viperian Stats

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