Silvina Guide AFK Journey

Silvina Guide AFK Journey

Rank: Elite
Faction: Graveborn
Class: Rogue
Type: Physical
Range: 1

Silvina Rating

4.6/5 - (10 votes)

Story Tier: C
Dream Realm Tier: C
PVP Tier: S

Silvina is a Assassin in AFK Journey who can prevent enemies from casting skills, and teleport to their side instantly at the start of battle. Silvina is part of Graveborn Faction. Silvina is one of the best rogue heroes in the game. Her skills are equipped with some serious damage. What she will do is, at the start of the match she will jump to enemy support or range units, dealing them some serious damage.

The damage is so big that usually one-shot heroes If you have her exclusive weapon at level 10, she will fear all enemies nearby after she kills the enemy hero. Overall great hero for PVP and to get rid of annoying heroes that are in the enemy’s back line. Do not use her for Dream Realm, she doesn’t perform well there.

  • Soul Reaper: Deals damage to the enemy with the most Energy, reducing their Energy.
  • First Strike: Flashes next to the closest enemy in a symmetrical position and damages them when a battle starts.
  • Choking Blade: Silvina ‘s normal attacks are replaced by Whirl Attacks for a short time when a battle starts.
  • Shield of Light: Gains a shield at the start of a battle.
  • Hero Focus: Hero Focus: Increases Crit during battle.Shield of Light: Gains a shield at the start of a battle.
  • Enhance Force: Reduces the target’s Vitality with each Whirl.

Silvina Exclusive WeaponSilvina Exclusive Weapon: Minimum Recommended Upgrade Level +10

Silvina Skills

Soul Reaper Soul Reaper

Silvina deals 300% damage to the enemy and reduces their Energy by 200.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Level 2: Increases damage to 320%. ( Unlocked at Level 51)
  • Level 3: Increases damage to 340%. ( Unlocked at Level 111)
  • Level 4: Increases damage to 360%. (Unlocked at Level 171)
  • Level 5: The Energy reduction is increased by 300. (Unlocked at Level 231)

First Strike First Strike

Silvina marks the closest enemy in a symmetrical A position, flashes next to them, and launches an attack when a battle starts, dealing 300% damage. (Unlocked at Level 11)

Upgrade Preview

  • Level 2: Increases damage to 320%. (Unlocked at Level 71)
  • Level 3: Increases damage to 340%. (Unlocked at Level 131)
  • Level 4: This attack stuns the enemy for 3s. (Unlocked at Level 191)

Choking Blade Choking Blade

Silvina ‘s normal attack becomes Whirl Assault for the first 12s of battle. Each Whirl deals 140% damage. Defeating the marked enemy prolongs the Whirl Assault duration by 6s.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Level 2: Each Whirl Assault deals 150% damage. (Unlocked at Level 91)
  • Level 3: Each Whirl Assault deals 160% damage. (Unlocked at Level 151)
  • Level 4: Each Whirl Assault deals 170% damage. (Unlocked at Level 211)

Hero Focus Hero Focus

Increases Crit by 24 during battle.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Level 2 : Increases Crit by during battle.
  • Level 3 : Increases Crit by 40 during battle.

Shield of Light Shield of Light

Silvina gains a shield that can block up to 450% damage after casting First Strike. (Unlock after Exclusive Equipment is activated)

Upgrade Preview:

  • Level 2: Exclusive Equipment: Exclusive Equipment: Shield value is to 500%. (Reach Level 5 to unlock).
  • Level 3: Exclusive Equipment: When a marked enemy is defeated, Silvina frightens enemies within 2 tiles of the enemy for 4s while this skill is in effect. (Reach Level 10 to unlock).
  • Level 4: Exclusive Equipment: Shield value is increased to 600%. (Reach Level 15 to unlock).

Enhance Force Enhance Force

Silvina also reduces the target’s Vitality by 60 for 3s with each Whirl Assult.

Silvina Stats

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