Parisa Guide AFK Journey

Parisa Guide AFK Journey

Rank: Elite
Faction: Wilder
Class: Mage
Type: Magic
Range: 5

Parisa Rating

4.3/5 - (17 votes)

Story Tier: A
Dream Realm Tier: A
PVP Tier: A

Parisa is a noble Mage in AFK Journey who can increase allies’ Crit, and recover energy when dealing critical damage with her normal attacks. Parisa is part of Wilder Faction. Parisa is a great hero who will provide a decent AOE amount of damage, but her main usage is buffing your team’s ATK SPD and Crit. So you will have to create a team comp that contains heroes who rely a lot on normal attacks, like Odie.

If you are a free-to-play player, there is no point in investing in Parisa. There are much better heroes that can be used in various teams. If your team contains most of the heroes that are using normal attacks, then feel free to use Parisa.

  • Flora Splendor: Marks a target with a flower and deals AOE damage to them.
  • Wilder Blessing: Increases ATK SPD and normal attack damage for herself and an ally.
  • Flower Power: Parisa shoots flowers to attack enemies along the path after a number of normal attacks.
  • Hero Focus: Increases ATK
  • Falling Blossom: Marks the enemy in a symmetrical position with a flower when a battle starts.
  • Enhance Force: Triggers Flower Power with fewer normal attacks.

Parisa Exclusive WeaponParisa Exclusive Weapon: Minimum Recommended Upgrade Level +5

Parisa Skills

Flora Splendor Flora Splendor

Parisa marks the nearest non-marked enemy with a flower until the battle ends, dealing 320% damage to all floral-marked targets and other enemies within 1 tiles of them. If the skill hits the targets multiple times within 2s, the subsequent damage dealt by targets is reduced by 20%.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Level 2: Increases damage to 340%. ( Unlocked at Level 51)
  • Level 3: Recovers 60 Energy per second for 5s when a marked enemy is defeated. ( Unlocked at Level 111)
  • Level 4: Increases damage to 360%. (Unlocked at Level 171)
  • Level 5: Increases damage to 380%. (Unlocked at Level 231)

Wilder Blessing Floral Inspiration

Parisa increases ATK SPD by 22 and normal attack damage by 22% for 10s for herself and 1 nearest ally.(Unlocked at Level 11)

Upgrade Preview

  • Level 2: Increases ATK SPD by 25, and the normal attack damage by 25%. (Unlocked at Level 71)
  • Level 3: Increases ATK SPD by 28, and the normal attack damage by 28%. (Unlocked at Level 131)
  • Level 4: Increases ATK SPD by 30, and the normal attack damage by 30%. (Unlocked at Level 191)

Flower Power Flower Power

Parisa casts this skill after dealing normal attack damage 3 times. She launches a bunch of flowers that gradually expands toward her target, dealing 150% damage to all enemies along the path. Each enemy hit by flowers restores herself an extra 80 Energy. Every bunch of flowers can recover her Energy up to 3 times.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Level 2: The flowers deal 205% damage. (Unlocked at Level 91)
  • Level 3: The flowers deal 210% damage. (Unlocked at Level 151)
  • Level 4: The flowers deal 215% damage. (Unlocked at Level 211)

Hero Focus Hero Focus

Increases ATK by 12% during battle.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Level 2 : Increases ATK by 16% during battle.
  • Level 3 : Increases ATK by 20% during battle

Falling Blossom Falling Blossom

Parisa marks the nearest enemy in a symmetrical position with a flower when a battle starts. (Unlock after Exclusive Equipment is activated)

Upgrade Preview:

  • Level 2: Exclusive Equipment: Normal attacks hit 1 more target after inflicting 4 marks. (Reach Level 5 to unlock).
  • Level 3: Exclusive Equipment: Normal attacks hit 1 more target after inflicting 3 marks. (Reach Level 10 to unlock).
  • Level 4: Exclusive Equipment: Normal attacks hit 1 more target after inflicting 2 marks. (Reach Level 15 to unlock).

Enhance Force Enhance Force

The required normal attacks to trigger Flower Power is reduced to 1.

Parisa Skins

Creek Vines: Participate in Honor Duel and complete Expert Dueler event quests to claim Creek Vines skin.

Parisa Skin Creek Vines

Parisa Stats

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