Kafra Guide AFK Journey

Kafra Guide AFK Journey

Rank: Elite
Faction: Wilder
Class: Warrior
Type: Physical
Range: 1

Kafra Rating

4/5 - (10 votes)

Story Tier: D
Dream Realm Tier: D
PVP Tier: D

Kafra is a determined Warrior in AFK Journey who hesitate to charge at enemies in front. Kafra is part of Wilder Faction. Kafra can deal a decent amount of damage and healing, but he underperforms when you compare him to other warrior heroes. You can use him as a new player or, if you have him on a high ascend level otherwise avoid him. Do not put him on a wishlist and do not purchase him from the shop, it is not worth it. He is one of the worst heroes in the game.

  • Cale Thrust: Knocks back an enemy and inflicts a Forest Mark on them.
  • Relentless Sword: Charges towards the marked enemy, dealing damage and stunning them.
  • Wind Mark: Reduces the marked enemies’ Phys DEE He also gains buffs when the marked enemy is defeated.
  • Hero Focus: Increases ATK
  • Sylvan Banishment: Attacks the enemy who heals the marked enemy.
  • Enhance Force: The damage of Relentless Chase ‘s first casting is increased.

Kafra Exclusive WeaponKafra Exclusive Weapon: Minimum Recommended Upgrade Level +5

Kafra Skills

Gale Thrust Gale Thrust

Kafra prioritizes attacking the enemy who carries Forest Mark. Kafra inflicts a Forest Mark on an enemy when casting Ultimate and launches a mighty strike, dealing 500% damage and knocking them back for 2-tile. Only 1 Forest Mark exists per attack.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Level 2: Increases damage to 270%. ( Unlocked at Level 51)
  • Level 3: Increases damage to 290%. ( Unlocked at Level 111)
  • Level 4: Increases damage to 310%. (Unlocked at Level 171)
  • Level 5: Increases damage to 330%. (Unlocked at Level 231)

Relentless Sword Relentless Chase

When a marked enemy is out of Kafra ‘s attack range, Kafra charges towards the enemy, dealing 220% damage and stunning them for 1.5s. If there’s no marked enemy, Kafra marks the nearest enemy and casts the skill. (Unlocked at Level 11).

Upgrade Preview

  • Level 2: Increases damage to 290%. (Unlocked at Level 71)
  • Level 3: Increases damage to 300%. (Unlocked at Level 131)
  • Level 4: Increases damage to 320%. (Unlocked at Level 191)

Wind Mark Forest Wrath

The Forest Mark reduces the enemy’s Phys DEF by 6%. When a marked enemy is defeated, allies within 2 tiles of this enemy and Kafra gain 10% of ATK and 25 Haste for 5s. (Unlocked at Level 31)

Upgrade Preview:

  • Level 2: Reduces Phys DEF by 9%. (Unlocked at Level 91)
  • Level 3: Reduces Phys DEF by 12%. (Unlocked at Level 151)
  • Level 4: Reduces Phys DEF by 15%. (Unlocked at Level 211)

Hero Focus Hero Focus

Increases ATK by 12% during battle.

Upgrade Preview:
Level 2 : Increases ATK by 16% during battle.
Level 3 : Increases ATK by 20% during battle.

Exiling Strike Sylvan Banishment

When a marked enemy receives healing from other enemies, Kafra jumps to the healer and attacks them, dealing 180% damage and reducing their Haste by 40 for 5s. Kafra is immune to control effects during the after the period. (Unlock after Exclusive Equipment is activated)

Upgrade Preview:

  • Level 2: Exclusive Equipment: Kafra gains a shield that lasts for 3s when casting the skill. The shield value equals to 150% plus the 30% of healing received by the enemy in a battle, with a value limit of no more than 600% of Kafra’s ATK. (Reach Level 5 to unlock).
  • Level 3: Exclusive Equipment: Increases damage to 200%. (Reach Level 10 to unlock).
  • Level 4: Exclusive Equipment: Increases damage to 200%. (Reach Level 15 to unlock).

Enhance Force Exiling Strike

The damage of Relentless Sword’s first casting in battle is increased to 520%.

Kafra Stats

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