How to get Diamonds in AFK Journey

How to get Diamonds in AFK Journey

Diamonds in AFK Journey are one of the most important currencies in the game. They are important because you will use them to purchase various items, equipment, invitation letters, and so on. The problem is that they are limited and hard to get, so it is crucial to know how you can get diamonds in AFK Journey, especially if you are a new player.

Battle Modes

Battle Modes AFK Journey

Battle Modes is a great place to get a lot of diamonds for free. The only downside is that it takes some time to clear all the content so you can collect all the diamonds. For example, in Arena, you have to climb tiers, and with each new tier that you enter, you will get free diamonds. So if you are a new player, do not worry too much about battle modes, you will be able to collect all the diamonds with time.

AFK Journey Codes

AFK Journey Codes are a great way to get free diamonds. When you redeem codes, you will not only get diamonds but other items like invitation letters, so you can summon heroes. The downside of this is that you have to be fast and redeem codes as soon as they are released because they usually expire after one week.

World Loot

World Loot AFK Journey

While you are exploring the world and clearing new zones, there is a high chance that you will come across diamonds that are lying on the floor. Also, when you are looting chests, there is a chance that they will contain diamonds as part of the loot. You have to clear every available zone and collect every chest so you do not miss any diamonds.

Chests are spawning each day so make sure that you zoom out of the map and you will be able to see them. Sometimes it is hard to spot diamonds when you are playing on a phone. That is why we recommend that you play AFK Journey on PC. Not only will you be able to collect diamonds, but your overall gaming experience will also improve.

Growth Path

The growth path is a place where you will be rewarded for your progress. Rewards are extremely good, and they will definitely help you accumulate a lot of diamonds. For example, when you reach resonance level 50, you will be rewarded with 100 diamonds.

Growth Trail

A growth trial is similar to a growth path, where you will get rewarded based on your progression, and part of the rewards are gems. For obtaining 23 heroes, you will get 10 gems.

Daily Quests

With daily quests in AFK Journey, you can get 140 diamonds each day. To get all 140 diamonds you have to complete a few quests. Quests are extremely easy and you will complete most of them just by playing a few minutes. A lot of players forget about Daily Quest, so pass them on to the list of things that you have to do each day.

AFK Journey Bundles

AFK Journey Bundles

As in every mobile game, there are bundles that you can purchase using real money. You can get diamonds from bundles, depending on which bundles you are purchasing in AFK Journey. We do not recommend you spend money on mobile games, but if you want to, then you should purchase Classic Gazette. It will give you the best amount of diamonds per dollar spent. In total, for $6, you will get 12k gems which is a great amount.

Guild Chest and Battle Drills

The guild chest and battle drills are part of the guild, and with them, you can get diamonds. The amount of gems that you will get depends on your performance, so give your best to perform well.


There are a lot of different events in the AFK Journey that you can complete. Some of them will contain diamonds as part of the rewards. We recommend that you try to complete every event, no matter if they have diamonds or not as part of rewards because you will get other rewards that will help you with your progression.

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