How to Get Artifact Shards in AFK Journey

How to Get Artifact Shards in AFK Journey

Artifacts in AFK Journey play a big part in the strength of your team. Currently, there are six artifacts that you can get. Each one of them is unique, with different skills, stats, and bonuses. Each artifact can be upgraded, but for upgrading, you will need gold and artifact shards.

Artifact Shards are difficult to get in AFK Journey because you will need to do various challenges, like getting a certain rating in the arena and completing main quests. A lot of players do not know how to get shards, so in this guide, we will cover all the ways to get shards for each artifact.

Grow Trials is a place where quests and requirements are listed. When you complete the challenge, for example, ”Reach AFK Stage 400”, you will be able to claim Enlightened Shards. After you claim it, you will get a new quest for Enlightened Shards. So if you are not sure what your progression is with Shards, you can always check its Grow Trials.

Getting Artifact Shards in AFK Journey

Getting Artifact Shards in AFK Journey
  • Enlightened Shards: Can be obtained by clearing AFK Stages. After you clear 100 AFK stages, you will be able to claim them from the Grow Trials.
  • Awakening Shards: To get Awakening Shards, you have to complete the main quests.
  • Starshard Shards: After you defeat bosses on higher difficulty in Dream Realm, you will get Starshard Shards.
  • Ironwall Shards: To get Ironwall Shards, you have to defeat corrupted creatures. You will find corrupted creators on the map, or you can join other players who need help.
  • Confining Shards: This shard can be obtained from higher tiers of the Arena. If you are a free-to-play player, you will have a hard time getting Confining Shards.
  • Blazing Shards: To get Blazing Shards, you have to do Story Quests.
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