Fay Guide AFK Journey

Fay Guide AFK Journey

Rank: Elite
Faction: Lightbearer
Class: Support
Type: Magic
Range: 3

Fay Rating

4.7/5 - (11 votes)

Story Tier: C
Dream Realm Tier: B
PVP Tier: C

Fay is a Support who wields an ancient gemstone that can enhance allies over a large area. Fay is from Lightbearer Faction. Fay, unfortunately, is the worst healer in the game. Her healing is low, and on top of that, she can miss it. Simply do not use her or invest in her until she gets buff. If you are a new player, as soon as you get a better healer, replace her. Even a strong tank and DPS will be more useful than Fay.

  • Vibrant Dane: Enhances and heals allies within range.
  • Healing Gemstones: Heals 1 ally over time.
  • Blinding Light: Smacks a gem, damaging enemies and healing allies in range.
  • Hero Focus: Increases HP during battle.
  • Grand Entrance: Enhances and heals the ally deployed on the tile in front of when the battle starts.
  • Enhance Force: Grants a low-HP ally powerful healing once when Healing Gemstones takes effect.

Fay Exclusive WeaponFay Exclusive Weapon: Minimum Recommended Upgrade Level +5

Fay Skills

Vibrant Dane Vibrant Dane

Fay selects a direction and casts vitality magic to surrounding allies within a 3-tile arc, restoring 300% HP and increasing the ATK for them by 12% for 8s.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Level 2: The effect duration is increased to 9s. (Unlocked at Level 51)
  • Level 3: Increases the ATK of allies within range by 14%. (Unlocked at Level 111)
  • Level 4: Increases the ATK SPD of allies within range by 15. (Unlocked at Level 171)
  • Level 5: The effect duration is increased to 10s. (Unlocked at Level 231)

Healing GemstonesHealing Gemstones

Fay heals the weakest allied hero, restoring 50% HP per second for 4s. (Unlocked at Level 11)

Upgrade Preview:

  • Level 2: Increases HP restored per second to 55%. (Unlocked at Level 71)
  • Level 3: Increases HP restored per second to 60%. (Unlocked at Level 131)
  • Level 4: Increases HP restored per second to 65%. (Unlocked at Level 191)

Blinding Light Blinding Light

Fay smacks a gem at an enemy. She causes an explosion when the skill hits, dealing 150% damage to adjacent enemies and restoring 150% HP to all allies within range. (Unlocked at Level 31)

Upgrade Preview:

  • Level 2: Increase damage to 155% and HP restored to 155%. (Unlocked at Level 91)
  • Level 3: The gem has 2 forms and 2 different buffs. It becomes a ruby if the target deals physical damage, reducing enemies’ Phys DEF by 10% and increasing allies’ Phys DEF by 10% for 5s. It becomes a Sapphire if the target deals magic damage, reducing enemies’ Magic DEF by 10% and increasing allies’ Magic DEF by 10% for 5s. (Unlocked at Level 151)
  • Level 4 : Increase damage to 160% and HP restored to 160%. (Unlocked at Level 211)

Hero Focus Hero Focus

Increases HP by 17% during battle.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Level 2 : Increases HP by 23% during battle.
  • Level 3 : Increases HP by 29% during battle.

Grand Entrance Grand Entrance

Fay grants the buffs of Vibrant Dance and Healing Gemstones on the allied hero deployed on the tile in front of herself when a battle starts. ( Unlock after Exclusive Equipment is activated)

Upgrade Preview:

  • Level 2: Exclusive Equipment: Also increases the allied hero’s Vitality by 15 till the end of a battle. (Reach Level 5 to unlock).
  • Level 3: Exclusive Equipment: Increases the allied hero’s Vitality by 20. (Reach Level 10 to unlock).
  • Level 4: Exclusive Equipment: Increases the allied hero’s Vitality by 25. (Reach Level 15 to unlock).

Enhance Force Enhance Force

When an ally’s HP ratio drops below 50% for the first time during Healing Gemstones takes effect, Fay heals the ally by 200% HP. This effect can only be triggered once each time this skill is used.

Fay Skins

Radiant Stars: To get Radiant Stars skins for Fay you have to claim Journeys Gift day 4 rewards.

Fay Radiant Stars

Fay Stats

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