Best Way To Spend Diamonds in AFK Journey

Best Way To Spend Diamonds in AFK Journey

Diamonds in the AFK Journey are the most valuable type of currency. It is hard to get diamonds, so it is important to know how to spend them to get the most value. So in this guide, we will cover the best way to spend diamonds, but if you need more diamonds, then you can read our guide on how to get diamonds or redeem all AFK Journey codes.

This is what you should and should not buy with diamonds:

Buy: Acorn, Essence, Stellar Crystal
Optional: Invitation Letters, Arena Tickets, Dust
Do not buy: Exp, Gold, Equipment

Guild Store

Guild Store

The Guild Store is similar to a general store. In a guild store, you want to purchase everything that you can using diamonds. The number of items that you can purchase depends on your guild level, so if your shop has only a few items available, make sure that you increase your guild level. Keep in mind that the guild store refreshes every 30 days, so you don’t have to hurry to purchase everything, you have time. I usually purchase everything, so I do not forget.


You can spend diamonds on Arena in AFK Journey. What you want to purchase are daily challenge tickets. The reason why we recommend it is that tickets are not expensive, and you will be able to reach a higher tier so you can produce more guild tokens.

AFK Progress

AFK progress

When you go to your AFK progress, you will notice a small hourglass icon in the right part of your screen. When you click it, you can purchase daily instant AFK progression rewards with diamonds. It is 100% worth spending diamonds on AFK progression rewards. The reason is that when you get to the late game, you will not have hero essences to level up your heroes. It is best that you start purchasing when you reach at least 300 levels of AFK progress.

Other Places to Spend Your Gems in AFK Journey

There are a few other places in AFK Journey, like Noble Tavern where you can purchase invitation letters using diamonds but there is no point. We recommend you save your gems and wait for some special offers and some new equipment and heroes that you can purchase or get using diamonds. Saving gems will not impact your progression too much, but in the end game, it can help you a lot. So if you are a free-to-play player, then it is best to save diamonds; there is no infinite amount of them.

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