Battle Drills Guide and Team Formation AFK Journey

Battle Drills is a battle mode in AFK Journey where you will defeat various monsters with your guild members and earn rewards. Rewards are extremely good, and they will definitely help free-to-play players progress more and faster. In this guide, we will cover everything that you need to know about Battle Drills in AFK Journey, including what heroes to use, how to deal more damage, and more.

Battle Drills Basics

Battle Drills Basics AFK Journey

Battle Drills in AFK Journey is a battle mode that lasts for 2 weeks, and one week is a cooldown period. During the cooldown period, you will be able to inspect Battle Drills and see what enemies you will fight. This is extremely important, so you can create a plan and team so you can deal as much damage as possible and earn more rewards.

After 7 days, a combat phase will start that will last 2 weeks. During the next two weeks, your goal must be to make as much of a contribution as possible.

When Battle Drills start, you will have to choose the camp where you want to start. Now it is important that you choose a camp that your team will benefit from the most. The reason for that is that each camp will give specific bonuses, and each camp can have 15 players. After you choose a camp, you can start fighting and clearing the map. When you clear the whole map, you will be able to attack Boos.

To attack passages and strongholds, you will need stamina. Each successful win will consume your hero’s stamina, but what is great is that if you lose, you will get all your stamina back. Also, each day, you will get your stamina back. You and your guild members will share progress that you can see in the contribution tab.

It is crucial to have as many contributions as possible because the amount of treasure keys that you will get depends on the amount of contribution that you made.

A guild is important, but there is no point in being in a guild where the majority of players are much stronger than you. You will not be able to contribute enough to this event. Players in your guild will deal more damage than you, so your overall contribution percentage will be lower so you will miss a lot of treasure keys. That is why we recommend that you join an active guild where the majority of members have similar power. This will ensure that you will get some rewards.

Best Team For Battle Drills

What team you will use in AFK Journey Battle Drills depends on a lot of different factors, like your gear, what heroes you have, against what enemies you are fighting, what bonuses you will get from camp, etc. So it is hard to give a specific team that you should use. The general recommendation is that you use the best heroes in AFK Journey and read what bonuses you will get from camps.

The game is still new, and we test out all the heroes. We will update the guide with the best team combos for Battle Drills, so please be patient.

Battle Drills Rewards

Battle Drills Rewards

Battle Drills rewards are incredibly good in AFK Journey. You can get diamonds, invitation letters, and other items that will help you power up your heroes. What is great about rewards for Battle Drills is that the amount of reward you will get is based on how much damage you contributed.

There are two types of chests that contain rewards. They are the Reputation Chest and Medal Of Courage.

Reputation Chest: To unlock this chest, you will need to collect points that you can get from doing quests. In this chest, you will get treasure keys that are used to unlock Medal of Courage cheats.

Medal of Courage Cheats: This is a chest that will give you all the rewards. The only downside is that you will need some luck to get the best items, like 3000 diamonds, because of the chest in RNG. To unlock it, you will need a treasure key that you can get through your contribution and from the Reputation Chest.

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