AFK Journey Voice Actors

AFK Journey Voice Actors

AFK Journey has over 40 characters and NPCs, each with its unique look, personality, voice-over, voice lines, etc. As you progress through the world and do battles, characters will speak, so there’s a chance that you recognize a voice or that you liked some voiceovers that you want to see what voice actors are. That is why we created this list for people who really want to know the voices behind their favorite characters.

The list is small, and there is a good reason behind that. AFK Journey Developers did not include credits for voice actors inside a game or publish information on social media about voice actors. We asked developers to share a list or publish it on social media, and they replied that they would consider it. If they release the list publicly, we will share and update our list. This is a list of AFK Journey Voice Actors actors that we found while searching social media.

AFK Journey Voice Actors List

CharacterVoice Actor
HoganRyan Laughton
ViperianRyan Laughton
Male Protagonist CharacterRyan Laughton
AtalantaChloe Bundt
Bandit NevillaAimee Smith
Hamster ScoutsAimee Smith
ParisaJulie Cheung-Inhin
ValenMike Bodie
MaidNola Klop
LuciusJoshua Collins
Granny DannieRuth Urquhart
Additional voicesAlaina Wis
Mr. StewartAndrew Latheron
FayStephanie Cannon
PeggyStephanie Cannon

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