AFK Journey Gold Guide: How to Get and Spend Gold

AFK Journey Gold Guide How to Get and Spend Gold

Gold in AFK Journey is one of the important resources. You will use Gold to level up heroes, craft equipment, upgrade artifacts, etc. There is no way to farm an infinite number of gold, so you have to know every way to get it and how to spend it efficiently. So in this guide, you will learn all about gold in AFK Journey.

How to Get Gold in AFK Journey

How to Get Gold in AFK Journey

There are a lot of ways to get gold in the AFK Journey. That does not mean that you should not utilize every method. AFK is a collection game, and you want to collect every single piece of gold that you need. The amount that you will get depends on how much you invest in various events and your current progression. It is better to have excess gold than to be stuck on progression because you do not have gold.

Ways to get gold are:

AFK Progression: This is your main source of gold. The amount of gold that you will get depends on what stage of AFK progression you are at. If you lack gold, you can purchase AFK progression instantly using diamonds.

Mystic Collection: Mystic Collection is extremely important not only for your overall progression but can boost your gold production from AFK Progression. To check where you are getting boosts from and what you can do to increase them, go to Bonus Overview in Mystic Collection.

VIP Level: When you increase your VIP level, you will get bonuses that also boost your AFK progression gold production. The downside is that you have to spend money inside a game shop to get points that will increase your VIP level.

Grow Path and Growth Trail: These are quests that are related to your progression. Most of them will give you gold as part of the rewards.

Nobel Path: Nobel Path is a battle pass that you can purchase if you want to support developers and get resources. One of the resources that you will get is gold.

Arena: A lot of players avoid the arena, but it is a great source of gold. The amount of gold you will get from the arena depends on your Tier. So give your best to push higher tiers if you want to get some extra gold.

Honor Duel: Similar to the arena, but here you need to win duels. When you win, you will get gold as a reward.

World Loot

World Loot: When you are exploring maps and doing PVE content on the map, you will come across different chests. When you open those chests, you will get gold and other resources. Also, when exploring, you will come across gold lying on the floor. Your character will automatically pick it up when you get close to it.

World Quest: Every player should complete all world quests not only because they will get gold but also because they will get other resources like diamonds. World Quest is also important because a lot of quests from Grow Path and Growth Trail are related to World Quest.

That is all the ways that you can obtain gold in AFK Journey. Developers will probably introduce in the future some events and new game modes that will also give gold as part of a reward, so keep an eye on them. Even when they introduce new ways, your main source of gold will still be AFK progression. So focus on increasing AFK progression and boost it using VIP levels and Mystic Collection.

Where to Spend Gold in AFK Journey

Where to Spend Gold

When it comes to spending gold, there are three ways. The primary places where you will spend gold are equipment and leveling heroes.

Leveling Heroes: Feel free to spend any amount of gold on leveling heroes. You want to spend gold on leveling so you can get stronger heroes. With stronger heroes, you will be able to complete more content, AFK Journey progression, and arenas, which means that you will earn even more gold.

Equipment: You can spend gold on crafting equipment in the AFK Journey. You will get a lot of equipment for free as you progress through the game. Because you will get a lot of equipment for free as you progress, I would advise you not to spend it on crafting new gear, especially if you are a new player. When you are a new player, gear does not play a big part in your progression. When you reach the end game, gear will start playing a big part in the strength of your team. So wait until you get to the end game before you spend gold on gear.

Upgrading artifacts

Upgrading artifacts: Artifacts are important, and they are permanent. They are not like gear, where you can get a better version for free just by playing. So feel free to spend any amount of gold on upgrading artifacts.

Currently, there are not a lot of ways to spend gold. If developers introduce more places to spend gold, we will update the guide. If you are a new player, do not worry too much about gold. You will have a lot of it, but just do not spend it on equipment; it is a waste. Do not forget to redeem all AFK Journey codes that usually contain gold and other rewards like invitation letters and diamonds.

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