AFK Journey Best Team Comps

AFK Journey Best Team Comps

In AFK Journey, you can create a variety of team comps. The problem is that not all team comps will be great. The reason is that there are synergies, faction bonuses, hero power, content that you are doing, etc. There are really a lot of different factors that play a role in creating the best team in AFK Journey. That is why we create guides so you can understand better what the best team comps are and how to build one. 

Best Team Comps

Best Team Comps

Best Team Comp is created based on faction synergy. You do not have to use all of the heroes that we listed. Feel free to add or remove heroes, add heroes from other factions, add Celestial and Hypogean, etc. 


Tank: BrutusBrutus, AntandraAntandra
DPS: OdieOdie, RhysRhys, ShakirShakir
Support: SmokeySmokey, KokoKoko


Tank: ThoranThoran
DPS: BryonBryon, LycaLyca
Support: SmokeySmokey, RowanRowan


Tank: Granny DahnieGranny Dahnie
DPS: BryonBryon, ParisaParisa
Support: HewynnHewynn


Tank: LuciusLucius
DPS: KorinKorin, ValaVala, MarileeMarilee
Support: RowanRowan

To be honest, if you are free to play or a new player, you will have a hard time creating the best team comp. AFK Journey is not a game where you have everything unlocked like other games. That is why we highly recommend that you create a team on your own by testing and using heroes that are rated as S tiers on the tier list and heroes that you have at a high ascending level.

This is especially crucial if you are free to play or a new player who will have a hard time getting heroes on max. Heroes that are highly rated on the tier list can work in most team comps. Also check out best team comps for Dream Realm.

How to Build the Best AFK Journey Team Comp

How to Build the Best AFK Journey Team Comp 

When building the best team comps in AFK Journey, you have to take a lot of factors into consideration. Before we start, the most important thing that you have to do is test. Keep testing various comps with heroes that you have, and you will eventually create one that works extremely well. 

Base team: When creating a team, you should have at least one tank, two DPS, a healer, and support or additional DPS. Tank is there to take all damage while your DPS heroes can do damage. In most cases, you must have at least one healer, especially if the battle is long, like in the dream realm. Your team simply will not be able to survive. The base team is just general. You will have to adjust the ratio of DPS, tank, and support based on the content that you are doing. 

Faction Bonus: When you create a team that contains two heroes from the same faction, you will get a faction bonus. Faction bonuses will give you a huge boost, so it is important to take them into consideration. The more heroes from the same faction you have, the more bonuses you will get.

Celestial and Hypogean: Heroes that are Celestial or Hypogean are neutral, and they will increase your faction bonuses no matter what other heroes you are using. Most of the celestial and hypogean heroes are extremely strong. If your Celestial and Hypogean are low-ascension levels, then it is not worth using them just to get a faction bonus. 

Hero Choice: When you are choosing heroes that you will use in your team comp, pay attention to faction bonuses, what ascending level they are, how strong they are, and whether the enemy has counters. 

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