AFK Journey Banners and Rates Guide

AFK Journey Banners and Rates Guide

In AFK Journey, there are four types of banners. Banners are systems where you can get heroes. They work similarly in all gatch games. Each banner is unique, with different rates, costs, and heroes that you can get. What is great about banners in AFK Journey is that you can set up a wishlist so you get heroes that you need and want to get. Banners have a pity system that allows you to guarantee higher-tier heroes after a certain number of pulls. 

Banners for the AFK Journey are: 

  • Rate Up Recruitment
  • All-Hero Recruitment
  • Epic Recruitment
  • Stargaze Station

All-Hero Recruitment

All-Hero Recruitment

All-Hero Recruitment, as its name says, is a place where you can get all the heroes that are available in the game. The only heroes that you can not get from All-Hero Recruitment are Celestial and Hypogean. They can only be obtained from Stargaze Station. 

If you are a new player, your wishlist will be locked in All-Hero Recruitment until you do the first 30 pulls. This is not hard to achieve. Just make sure that you edit your wishlist when you unlock it because you will only get the heroes that you choose in the wishlist. This allows you to choose the best heroes and heroes that you want to ascend. 

To pull from All-Hero Recruitment, you need invitation letters. There are a lot of free-to-play ways to get invitation letters, like doing quests, opening chests on the map, events, battle modes, etc. You can purchase invitation letters using diamonds. Each invitation letter costs 300 diamonds, but there is an option to purchase 10 of them in the stack, which will reduce prices to 270 diamonds per invitation letter. So make sure that you only purchase 10 at once. What is important to know is that when you open 10 of them at the same time, you are guaranteed to get an A-tier hero. 

When it comes to pity in All-Hero Recruitment, it is extremely simple. Every 60 pulls, you are guaranteed to get an S-tier. This does not mean that you can not randomly get an S-tier. When you look at rates, you will see that there is a 2% chance to get an S-tier. 

Rates for All-Hero Recruitment:

  • S-level hero: 2.05%
  • A-level hero: 22.5%
  • Faction Acorn x30: 0.5%
  • Faction Acorn x4: 15%
  • Faction Acorn x1: 59.95%

Epic Recruitment

Epic Recruitment

Epic Recruitment is a better version of All-Hero Recruitment, where you can get more S-tier heroes. The downside of Epic Recruitment is that you can not purchase it using diamonds. The only way to get invitation letters for Epic Recruitment is by playing the game: events, quests, chests, battle modes, etc.

Epic Recruitment also has a wishlist where you can put five S-tier heroes. It is extremely important that you put in the S-tier heroes that you really need in AFK Journey. When it comes to the pity system for this banner, it guarantees an S-tier hero every 30 pulls. For every 10 pulls that you make, you are guaranteed to get a-tier hero. 

Rate-up Recruitment is a great banner where you can get a lot of copies of the same S-tier hero. There is no wishlist in this banner. The heroes that you get are fixed and determined by game developers. Usually, they put a new S-tier hero that they recently released in the game inside Rate-up Recruitment. In Rate-up Recruitment there are tiers that usually confuse new players. Tiers are determined by the highest-tier hero that you own. For example, if your highest-tier hero is Mythic, you can get up to six copies of the same hero. After you get six copies, you will no longer be able to purchase Rate-up Recruitment. 

The only way to pull from Rate-up Recruitment is by purchasing it with diamonds. There is no other way, like other banners, where you can get them from in-game activities. The cost to purchase Rate-up Recruitment is 300 diamonds, and there is no discount for bulk purchases. 

Rates for Rate-Up Recruitment: 

  • S-Level Hero: 3%
  • A-Level Hero: 10%
  • Omni Acorn x30: 1.5%
  • Omni Acorn x4: 15%
  • Omni Acorn x1: 70.05%

Stargaze Station

Stargaze Station

Stargaze Station is a only banner in AFK Journey where you can pull for Celestial and Hypogean heroes. To pull from Stargaze Station you will need a currency called Stellar Crystals, which is extremely hard to get. You can get Stellar Crystals from the guild store, recruitment store, and a few small events and quests. The overall amount that you can get is limited.

What is more shocking is the chance to pull Celestial and Hypogean heroes to Stargaze Station. It is only 3.25%, which means that you will have a hard time ascending your Celestial and Hypogean heroes. One recommendation that every player should make is that if you see Stellar Crystals in-store or at events, make sure that you get them.

If you are a new player, you will probably not have Stargaze Station unlocked. In order to unlock it, you will have to do 400 pulls from other banners, which is not that easy, especially if you are a free-to-play player. 
Pity in Stargaze Station guarantees you Celestial and Hypogean heroes every 40 pulls.

Considering how hard it is to get Celestial and Hypogean heroes pity systems are also bad. The only good thing about Stargaze Station is that you can choose the hero that you want to get. We recommend that you choose Reinier. He is currently one of the strongest heroes, especially in the dream realm

Rates for Stargaze Station: 

  • Celestial and Hypogean Hero: 3.25%
  • Dazzling Stone x5: 0.5%
  • Dazzling Stone x1: 3%
  • Ruins Stone x5: 20%
  • Ruins Stone x1: 20%
  • Diamond X9,999: 0.1%
  • Diamond X6,666: 0.5%
  • Diamond X3,000: 0.5%
  • Omni Acorn x4: 20%
  • Omni Acorn x2: 42.4%

To purchase All-Hero Recruitment or Rate-Up Recruitment?

To purchase All-Hero Recruitment or Rate-Up Recruitment?

Is it worth spending diamonds on Rate-up Recruitment or on All-Hero recruitment? This is a question that a lot of players ask. If you need a hero that is guaranteed in Rate-up Recruitment then it is worth it. You will get the same copies of it so you can ascend, which means a stronger hero. In Rate-up Recruitment, you are guaranteed to get an S-tier after 40 pulls, compared to All-Hero Recruitment where you get an S-tier every 60 pulls. 

Overall, what we recommend to players is that you avoid All-Hero Recruitment, it is better to spend diamonds only on Rate-up Recruitment if there is a strong hero inside. If the hero is bad, simply save your diamonds and wait for the new hero to be inside Rate-up Recruitment. 

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