AFK Journey Artifacts Tier List and Guide

AFK Journey Artifact Tier List and Guide

Artifacts are a type of gear in AFK Journey that will give special bonuses, skills, and effects to your heroes. Currently, there are six artifacts in AFK Journey. Each one of the artifacts is unique and has special effects. During battle preparation, you can equip one artifact that will increase your heroes’ stats and give them effects.

This means that artifacts are not tied to heroes, which is great. You do not have to waste time leveling artifacts for each hero, like in other games. Getting artifacts is extremely simple. All you have to do in order to get all the artifacts is complete the campaign. It will take you some time if you are a new player. If you just started, it will take you 1-2 weeks to get them all.

Artifacts Tier List

There are six artifacts available in AFK Journey. Each one of them is unique and has different uses, but that does not mean that they are all good. Some artifacts are simply better than others, and they will perform better. It is crucial to know what the best artifacts are in AFK Journey, especially when you get to the end game, where everything matters. This artifact tier list was created based on our in-game testing in various game modes, but there are a few things that you should take into consideration.

When you are choosing what artifact to use, think about: do you want to increase damage, do you want to increase survivability, whether you are doing PVP or PVE, what team you are using, etc. If you do not care about that, then simply use Artifacts that are rated as Tier S. Tier S artifacts are the best based on our testing and testing done by high-end players.

ArtifactTier Rating
Confining Spell Confining SpellS
Starshard SpellStarshard SpellS
Ironwall SpellIronwall SpellA
Awakening SpellAwakening SpellA
Enlightening SpellEnlightening SpellB
Blazing SpellBlazing SpellB

Artifacts in AFK Journey

Enlightening Spell Enlightening Spell

At the start of a battle, the ATK SPD of 1 rearmost allied hero in the back is increased by 80 for 15s. While the skill takes effect, the buffed allied hero gains control immunity.

Upgrade Preview:
Level 5: The bonus ATK SPD is increased to 100.
Level 10: The effect duration is increased to 20s.

Stats: ATK SPD and HP

Awakening Spell Awakening Spell

5s after the battle starts, summons Radiant Life to restore 3 weakest allies heroes Max HP by 7% every 10s.

Upgrade Preview:
Level 5: Increases the healing amount to 10% of Max HP.
Level 10: The number of allies to receive this buff increases to 4.

Stats: ATK, Phys DEF and Magic DEF

Starshard Spell Starshard Spell

Every 4 times allied cast their Ultimate, a flame wave is unleashed on all enemies. The flame wave deals true damage equal to 16% of the target’s current HP and up to of Team ATK The flame wave alm rduces the target’s ATK SPD by 60 for 4s.

Upgrade Preview:
Level 5: Increase damage to 24% of the current HP, capped at 90% of Team ATK.
Level 10: Triggered after allies use 3 Ultimates.

Stats: Haste and Hp

Ironwall Spell Ironwall Spell

Blesses the frontmost allied hero at the start of a battle, increasing their Phys DEF and Magic DEF by 15% and Energy on Hit by 20 for the rest of the battle. At the start of a battle and every 12s thereafter, grants blessed ally a shield by 20% of their max HP for 6s. The blessing can’t be dispelled.

Upgrade Preview:
Level 5: The ratio of gained Phys DEF and Magic DEF of blessed allied heroes is to 20%.
Level 10: The blessing effect will be transferred to a living allied hero in the frontline when the blessed hero is defeated. The blessing can only be transferred 1 time in battle.

Stats: Haste and Vitality

Confining Spell Confining Spell

3s into a battle, deals magic damage equal to 25% of the Team ATK to 2 enemies in the back every 12s, making them unable to move or act for 1.5s.

Upgrade Preview:
Level 5: The Prison duration is increased to 2.5s.
Level 10: The cooldown of this ability is reduced to 10s.

Stats: ATK and HP

Blazing Spell Blazing Spell

Shoots a fireball at the weakest enemy every 5s, dealing magic damage equal to 20% of the Team ATK.

Upgrade Preview:
Level 5: The damage dealt is increased to 30% of the Team ATK.
Level 10: Deals extra damage equal to 4% of target’s lost HP, capped at 20% of Team ATK.

Stats: DEF Penetration, Phys DEF and Magic DEF

How to Upgrade Artifacts

To upgrade Artifacts in AFK Journey, you will need gold and Artifacts Shards. Gold is not hard to get, but shards are. To get artifact shards, you will have to complete tasks in Growth Trials. Tasks are related to your in-game progression. For example, one task is to reach Tier Elite 2 in the Arena. This means that you have to simply play the game, and eventually, you will get all the artifact shards for upgrading. There is no other way. To boost your progression, make sure that you redeem all AFK Journey Codes and check out the list of the best heroes in AFK Journey.

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