AFK Journey Affinity Guide: How to Increase Affinity

AFK Journey Affinity Guide How to Increase Affinity

Hero Affinity in AFK Journey is a system where you collect points for individual heroes. When you reach a certain number of points, you will get diamonds and invitation letters as rewards. A lot of players ignore the Affinity system in AFK Journey because they think that it is not important, but they are wrong. It is important, especially for new players, because you will get diamonds and invitation letters that will boost your account so you can progress faster.

Affinity Levels and Rewards

100Gems x50
300Tale 6
500Tale 7
700Gems x50
1000Tale 8
1300Invite Letter x1
1700Tale 9
2200Tale 10
3000Gems x100
4500Invite Letter x1

To reach max affinity for heroes, you will need 4500 points, which seems like a lot, but it is not. There are a lot of ways to get affinity points in AFK Journey.

How to get Affinity Points in the AFK Journey

How to get Affinity Points in the AFK Journey

There are two ways of getting affinity points in AFK Journey: by clicking and playing with the hero or by gifting items to heroes.

Using Heroes

When you are using heroes, you will get Affinity points. You can also go to your hero list and click on them a few times, which will give you 6 Affinity points. To know that you are getting affinity points, you will see a clover icon flying around the hero.

Giving Heroes Gifts

There are gifts that you can give your heroes that will increase their affinity by a lot. There are two ways to get hero gifts: By looting on the map and purchasing it from the Friendship store.

Looting on the map: When you are doing a quest and exploring the AFK Journey world, you will come across gift items lying on the floor. Simply come near them and click the collect button. They will be saved in your inventory. To use it, navigate to the hero affinity page and simply gift the item.

Friendship Store

Friendship Store: In the Friendship Store, you can purchase affinity gifts using Pal-Coins. Always purchase one that is discounted. There is a version of a gift for each faction, and gifting them to the right heroes will give you more points. For example, if you purchase Fang Dagger and gift it to Odie, you will get 170 affinity points. If you gift it to any other hero that is not from the Mauler faction, you will get 110 faction points. So be extremely careful when you are gifting items from the friendship store. You will see a heart icon on the item, which means that you are giving it to the right faction.

  • Fang Dagger- Mauler
  • Starlight Cup- Lightbearer
  • Spectral Lantern- Graveborn
  • Fragrant Bouquet- Wilder
  • Sacredite Pendant- Celestial
  • Demon’s Gaze- Hypogean

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